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Y81-4000 new designed hydraulic scrap car press CE  



Y81 series scrap car press is capable of extruding various metal leftover,steel paring,waste copper,aluminum,stainless steel and scraped car into regular charging as square colum,cylinder etc. different shapes. By this way, the costs of transportation and refining can be reduced. It also make the transportation easier and faster.

This machine mainly used in steel plants,recyling corportation,waste recovery and metal refining industry. Size of compression chambe and bale can be customized.


1)Hydraulic drive for all machine types,manual valve control or PLC control.
2)Bale-discharging:"turn-out","push-out","forward-out" or manual discharging.
3)No footing bolts needed in installation;diesel engine can be equipped for power.



Lifetime maintenance and considerate technical support!

  • Y81T-1250 PLC hydraulic metal baler delivery to Vietnam
  • Y81T-2500 PLC hydraulic metal baler delivery to Egypt
  • Pakistan customers
  • Y81-2500 Hydraulic metal baler use in Iran
  • YDJ-6300 High efficiency hydraulic metal baler shear use in Kazakhstan
  • Q43-2000 Hydraulic metal alligator shear use in Chile
  • Q43-4000 metal shear use in Iran
  • Y1T-2500 PLC hydraulic metal press machine use in Australia
  • Y81T-1600 integral structure scrap metal baler use in Chile
  • Y81T-2500 Automatic hydraulic metal baler use in Turkey
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